Jery Roller

Jerky Made Easy!

The Jerky Roller

Ever wanted to make your own jerky at home? Well now you can with THE JERKY ROLLER!

Our easy to use roller will allow you to make your jerky without all those "parts" to clean and use. No need for a "plunger" or "funnel", just lay out the type of ground meat you want and roll away! It's Jerky Made Easy!

While the Jerky Roller was designed specifically to create consistency and ease of use, it works GREAT with other items: Hamburger Patties, Sausage Patties, Cookie Dough & Pizza Dough!

Check out our How-To Video!

This is as simple as it gets!


Easy to make with The Jerky Roller

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Ryan Nottke - Maker of Jerky Roller
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Made in the USA

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